The Breed

Ragdolls are large, docile cats. They are sweet-faced and muscular, with an overall impression of elegance and balance. They have a medium-long, non-matting coat with a soft texture like rabbit fur.

There are 6 basic colors

SEAL –  is a dark brown that’s almost black.

BLUE – (SEAL dilute) is a dark bluish grey.

CHOCOLATE – is best described as a chocolate brown.

LILAC, (CHOCOLATE dilute) is a noticeably lighter shade of blue/grey with a slight pinkish tinge.

RED or  FLAME, is much like most red cats you’ve seen.

CREAM dilute) it a noticeably lighter shade

Note: Ragdolls are born ALL white with their color coming in slowly and full color isn’t reached until they are around 3 years of age.