The Breed

Understanding types of Ragdolls:

Non pointed Ragdolls have been in the Ragdoll breed since the start, they aren’t a new breed or a mix of breeds.

Solid, Mink, Sepia, BEW, and Pointed Ragdolls all have the same temperament and body style.

The only true difference is their color!

Geniticaly what makes these types of Ragdolls different:

Pointed Ragdolls have 2 Copies of the siamese gene, making them a pointed cat with blue eyes, born without color and developing their markings as they grow, sometimes it takes upto 4 years to get their full color.

BEW Ragdolls (blue eyed white) have 2 copies of the siamese gene as well, as they are pointed Ragdolls genetically, only the white masks their true color. This white gene is not detected by any DNA test as of today, it is passed down thru generations from the mother of Ragdolls with white Angora.

Mink Ragdolls have 1 copy of the siames gene and 1 copy of the Burmese gene, they are born with color and get darker as they age as well, the siames gene makes their points (ears, face, feet, and tail) look darker than their body color, the burmese gene gives them their coat’s rich color.

Sepia Ragdolls have 1 copy of the Siamese gene, 2 copies of the Burmese gene. They are so much like the Mink Ragdolls, only darker because of the extra Burmese gene.

Solid Ragdolls can be seen in black, blue, chocolate, lilac, white, red, cream, blue/cream and calico/tortie. Solid Ragdolls are born with full color, unlike the traditional pointed Ragdoll which are born all white.   Solid Ragdolls also have the same patterns as the “traditional” Ragdoll. . Any of these patterns and colors can also be marked with the lynx , smoke, shaded or silver. Solid Ragdolls can give birth to solids, as well as traditional pointed kittens.  Solid Ragdolls bred to a traditional Ragdoll will produce 75% solid kittens and 25% traditional kittens.  Eye color on the traditional Ragdoll kitten is always blue. Whereas, the Solid Ragdoll kitten has eyes of green, copper, blue, blue-green, or even odd color .