LYDIA: You go.. PORTER: I don’t want to go.. PEANUT: Oh, I’ll go!
I’m so handsome that I have my own INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS ~ Sven, Columbus Ohio
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Raised With Love

We do not support or have a large breeding farm, we carefully raise and interact with each and every litter.

Show Ready

Our kittens are from the highest quality cats, and are cared and loved for as such.

Dog Safe

All of our kittens have been raised in a safe home, which also has dogs, which will make co-habitation with your dog easier!

Ragdoll Kittens

  • Physical Description
  • Care and Training
  • Characteristics and Temperament
  • The Breed

Ragdolls are large, heavy cats, with broad chests and large hindquarters. They are slow-maturing, and do not reach full maturity until approximately three years of age. Females are smaller than males, weighing about 10-15 pounds on average. Males weigh an average of 12-20 pounds as adults, although some may grow to be larger.   The […]

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Ragdolls are intelligent and like to please their owners. Training Ragdolls is much more successful when done with rewards. For example, they can be trained easily to use a scratching post instead of your furniture by lavishing attention on them whenever they use the post. As with most cats, however, Ragdolls can be their “own […]

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Ragdolls (as their name implies) are extremely “laid-back,” docile, non-aggressive cats. They tend to relax when held. They are said to possess a non-fighting instinct, which means that if attacked, they do not defend themselves. They are very “people” oriented and love to be around others, which often finds them greeting guests and/or following their […]

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Ragdolls are large, docile cats. They are sweet-faced and muscular, with an overall impression of elegance and balance. They have a medium-long, non-matting coat with a soft texture like rabbit fur. There are 6 basic colors SEAL –  is a dark brown that’s almost black. BLUE – (SEAL dilute) is a dark bluish grey. CHOCOLATE – is best described as […]

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What people are saying

This is Bisquet and she is into everything, she loves heights! Trisha

Kitty people at the vet can’t leave him alone, so lovable. He is a good boy, sits up and shakes! Made a sock ball and started to bring it to me.  Sleeping with us, he has got full run of the house, so far so good.

Kept Bow Tie up late for the Ohio State game., when I tell him it’s time for bed, he runs as fast as he can upstairs and is waiting for me on the bed!

Jeff & Cathy, Wadsworth, Ohio

Jeff & Cathy, Wadsworth, Ohio

Our kitten is living up to her name “Joy”.

Laura, Avon Ohio

Laura, Avon Ohio

Thank you for the opportunity for owning a “Ragdoll”.  Your generosity has blessed us. ” Angelalansberry ” , is smart, super playful, loving, purring and vocal. Oh! And soft and pretty!  We are so happy to have her.

Tom & Cathie

Tom & Cathie, Cambridge Ohio

I’ve wanted to write and tell you how much we love our kitten.  His name is Wilbur.  He has a fabulous personality!  My husband who has never been a “pet person”, loves him!

Shaughn, Canton Ohio

Shaughn , Canton Ohio

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